The Celestine Prophecy: bare essentials

SUBJECT: Phenomenological Study

L. Kurt Engelhart

Strategy for Use:

Take what you can use and hold the rest for further consideration.


Redfield, James. The Celestine Prophecy. Warner Books, Inc., 1993.

"Many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase." - Daniel 12:4.

And now, for something entirely different:

What does this book tell us that is confirmed by other more conventional sources?

Ego/time sphere is expanding.

Evolved perception stimulates a mass cultural transformation.

Widespread historical knowledge changes humanity's self image.

Evolved understanding focuses on the universal nature of power and being.

Human struggle for power is explained and discounted.

Expanded awareness points to non-human, spiritual sources of power.

Evolving requires transcending habitual exploitative power practices.

New practices connect humanity individually to a universal power source.

New practices focus on synergistic rather than exploitative combinations of power.

The new world view will fundamentally change human society.

    I. First Insight - A Critical Mass.

    II. Second Insight - The Longer Now.

    III. Third Insight - A Matter of Energy.

    IV. Fourth Insight - The Struggle for Power.

    V. Fifth Insight - The Message of the Mystics.

    VI. Sixth Insight - Clearing the Past.

    VII. Seventh Insight - Engaging the Flow.

    VIII. Eighth Insight - The Interpersonal Ethic.

    IX. Ninth Insight - The Emerging Culture.

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