I'll see if I can finish this family picture in the short time that I have this evening. It is a picture of the Thomas Briggs family, taken about 1898. Not very good quality, characteristic of photography of that era.

Thomas Briggs & Mary Noe were married in Beverly, Illinois, near Quincy on the West side of the state, September 30, 1880.

Standing, L to R:Sarah Ann 12/18/1885 died in her teens

Helen Isadore (Grandmother) 2/3/1881 to 8/13/1928 Married Sherbern S. Huston in 1904

Minerva Mae (Minnie) Born 1/3/1883, Married a Fishbeck

Esther Noe, 6/11/1888 to Oct. 1964, Married a Creswick

Seated, L to R: Thomas Leroy Briggs, born about 10/20/1858, he was adopted by the Briggs family

Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) 4/25/1896, married George Byrnes 2/20/1918

Mary Georgeanna Noe Briggs, 9/8/1860 to 11/1/1914

A sixth daughter, Naomi H. 8/13/1893 to 8/2/1896

Note: Most of the information was compiled by Helen Lesta Longenecker.